SILTA records ®

"It's the same thing for the cinema and music. If the budget is low then the quality is better. Imagination and creativity predominate.
It is very difficult to do something creative with the majors. For them, it's all based on business and money". 

John Zorn

SILTA is an indipendent label, born with the target to promote quality music, regardless of the market trend.

In order to reach this goal, SILTA is bringing the musical projects even with the support of Sponsors, i.e. companies that contributing to the expenses get their own name/image and message printed on the back cover of the CD, on a well readable and outstanding space.

The first target of the Multinational Companies in the music market is profit; for this reason they dedicate very little space to music with a limited sales forecast, regardless of the artistic value. In this way it is difficult for the endusers which are interested in the newer sounds to satsfy their need. The target of SILTA therefore is to issue albums of high quality music and promote them through the specialized press, contributing to achieve the deserved visibility to the artists involved into the projects.

Too much music issued today? This is the question of these days and it is not easy to reply. Maybe yes, there is too much music on the market but which is the quality?
SILTA believe that despite the music market is full and misleaded by the huge offer, it is good to issue CDs and give the deserved space to particular music projects, thought for today and tomorrow and realized with enthusiasm and courage by more or less known musicians of undoubtful value.

SILTA select every single project preferably within Jazz & Beyond - Contemporary styles, basing the choice on the quality of the project and preserving the original intentions of the artists.

SILTA want to preserve the role of the artist which is the real owner of the masterwork at 100%. For example, SILTA is not gaining any profit from the sales for an advantage to the musician, offering a important and effective support with the goal to give the maximum space to the issued music. The destiny of SILTA records is obviously to become a ‘cult label’, where only (often brave) musicians choices count! This is reason why in short time the attention of the specialized Press and operators have been driven to SILTA.