JAZZIT NR.29: recensione Nopop Sestetto




It often happens to define a record as "cinema-oriented", but this expression should be object of investigation to make sure it is true. In this case there is no more precise way to describe the music of this sextet: difficult (if not impossible) to listen to Nopop without thinking to the atmospheres described with nostalgia by Federico Fellini and Nino Rota. Atmospheres that since ever are stimulating on listener's mind feelings and memories linked to the Romagna region.

To close into some tracks the DNA of a region is difficult, doing this with the instrument (and language) of jazz is a real challenge. But this is the trick: Jazz is just an escuse, a borrowed frame which is going aside to leave the stage to a genuine ans visceral music, all italian. Tracks like l'Airone and Gabań seem to be written on a desert way, rounded by trees, embankments and marsh.

A fresh wind on the italian Jazz.