Featured Artist: Max Carletti, Giorgio Giovannini, Marco Tardito


Year: 2008

Record Label: Silta Records

Style: Contemporary Jazz


Max Carletti (guitars), Giorgio Giovannini (trombone), Marco Tardito (sax, clarinet)


The Original Triology expresses here a motley and capacious inventive mastery of instruments. Hush, condensate phrases and affluent substances are printed on Tardito, Giovannini & Carletti’s track “Free Triology”. On “A Cat in a Hat”, “Lettera da Sado” and “Ciciomiro Blues”, the trio imbues a forceful and jazz-element, reaching ennobling levels.

This new release of Silta Records smashes us with a serial of daring jazzy sketches which changes in length from track to track. Every piece embraces a work of art. On The Original Triology, sounds blast both manfully and expected. Giorgio Giovannini as well as Carletti and Tardito’s denotations range throughout capacious band-interaction and definite seductive paces.

Co-mingling contemporary construction with improvisation, Tardito, Giovannini & Carletti cross velvet through twelve different soundscapes. As a topmost musician and composers Carletti, Giovannini & Tarditto reveal artful paces discerning an airy jazz lexicon. The tracks lure you into their fashion without overwhelming you; their reticulation is tonal and soothing.

There is a particular voice on The Original Triology that will make any ear spin with them. There is also a great finesse in their harmonies and chord shapings which connive and daunt the listener.  This magical release promises notable heeding; from the first note that you listen, you will certainly be thrilled. An amazing piece of work!


Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers, A Cat in a Hat , Freedom Jazz Dance,  Te Voglio Nene Assaje , Like Lulu , Lettera da Sado, Giocata,  Take the "A" Train , Ciciomiro Blues , Aquarela do Brasil , Free Triology , Freeways

Record Label Website: http://www.siltarecords.it/

Reviewed by: Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez

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