Featured Artist: T R I O: BILL'S HEAVEN

Jazz CD cover CD Title: To Bill Evans

Year: 2008

Record Label: Silta Records

Style: Contemporary Jazz


Antonio Cavicchi (guitar), Ares Tavolazzi (double bass), Riccartdo Biancoli (drums)


Whereas Bill Evans has marked the jazz world’s spotlight as an amazing composer and piano instrumentalist, this record is an able-bodied wink to remind us of Evans’s tradition of contemporary jazz. To Bill Evans is a revelation from Trio: Bill’s Heaven.

Trio: Bill’s Heaven is a formation with guitarist Antonio Cavicchi, bassist Ares Tavolazzi and drummer Ricardo Biancoli who gracefully focus this release on Bill Evans’s music. If much of this album can be valued as conventional sounding, the paraphrasing has substance and knack.

Cavicchi, Tavolazzi and Biancoli display here a shared force in their musical demeanour and mastery to provide propulsive playing and moderated tones as well as wide reflection. Cavicci devises his own magisterial mark from “Mother of Earl” to the last track, “Funkallero”. Tavolazzi swings with gristly bass pitches oftentimes blushed with dared improv scats.   Biancoli twists and emphasizes his drive with mighty asseverations. "Mother of Earl", "Periscope" , "I Fall in Love Too Easily" are highlights. 

In the liner notes Giorgio Rimondi describes the virtues of listening/communication tandems and the skills for improvisation in the TRIO Contemporary musical journey.  For them, time is in essence sound and it’s never orthodox, yet To Bill Evans this hides a test for broad ears as certainly as TRIO will echo vast skylines. Heartily recommended.

Tracks: Mother of Earl , Turn out the Stars , Periscope , I Fall in Love Too Easily , Down from Antigua, Show

Record Label Website: http://www.siltarecords.it/

Reviewed by: Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez

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