JAZZ magazine nr.20 - July 2004, pag.57


First release for the newborn Silta label (we suggest to visit the site to get more information about the brave strategy of this new label). The responsibility and the honour for this debut are for a duo, one of those so-called atypical ensembles as this one, made by double bassist Giorgio Dini and reedist Carlo Actis Dato.

In the nine improvisations in the record, the research is moving around the mini-maximalism of the contrabass which tune by tune is accompanied by bass clarinet, tenor and baritone sax. A mini-maximalism made by a music which in "Torero" is folding towards animal sounds, by the tumultuous misticism of "Gaspacho d'Estate", by the braxtonian quotations of "Boulevard" and by the atmosphere of concrete music of "Bosphorus" (the last one, just to quote the liner notes by Giancarlo Schiaffini).  (l.b.)