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When Science Inspires Music:

Majorana According to Sicilian

Musician Luca Lo Bianco

posted 19 June 2007


How would it be to describe the Mystery of Majorana’s Disappearance with music? A young Sicilian musician has realized a CD named “La scomparsa di Majorana” freely inspired by the book of Leonardo Sciacia “The Mistery of Majorana”.

The CD embraces the intriguing thesis advanced by the writer about the disappearance of the physicist Ettore Majorana. The story develops during a period of great scientific enthusiasm and it proved to be topical for its complexity.



As a result Majorana goes down in history as a brave and brilliant man who probably decided to disappear, being face to face with the insight of the disastrous potential of nuclear research and laying down the details of his plan with extreme efficacy.

Sciascia and Majorana both express a way of being Sicilian: two complex, sincere and extremely severe characters, the former for his painstaking research of another possible truth the latter for his rejection of a science he carried as a secret in his inner being.

Two men who accept the consequences of their actions with an exemplary strength imbued with an inescapable awareness, after choosing as a leading principle of their behavior the rejection of an imposed reality.

The driving idea for Luca Lo Bianco to conceive his project, which has also become a performance, is to put into place a real synergy between music and text, making the sound an integral part of the narration. The music then is no longer in the background but is the foundation for the whole story taking place.

Therefore it provides not only the supporting layer which integrates the text in its descriptive and evocative function (inspiring sceneries, images, places) but it becomes also an instrument to convey the uniqueness of a story full of a spirituality that Lo Bianco has decided to describe with the language of sounds.


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